Supporting our Animal Partners

Our human lifestyles, training techniques or even animal-keeping practices often encourage attitudes that animals be shaped to our needs and desires.

This can lead to an animal who is out of balance, insecure or just plain depressed. As animals age, they encounter arthritis or other disease much like we do. 

In Julie's past volunteer work finding animals on the streets, she quickly learned that the natural way of animals is subtle and that their body language and needs for interaction are so different from humans. She approaches them with an attitude of curiosity, partnership, and compassion.

If your animal has been or is experiencing:
> physical illness or injury
> loss, human or animal (this includes re-homing or moving)
> abuse, neglect or abandonment
> surgery 
> long-term kenneling/ boarding

**alternative healing is a complement to veterinary care

Book a session with Julie

During a 1 hour session, Julie will take the first 15 minutes to listen to your animal's history. She will then connect with your animal's energy to better understand your animal's needs. She will use one or several healing modalities among her expertise - Reiki, Pranic Healing, Sound Code Therapy or Akashic coaching.  Depending on the issue, regular sessions may be necessary for impact.

$75 for a session

Stories of healing

Lily's story


Lily was 14 and was having trouble walking and was easily given to restlessness. The sound code therapy enabled her to balance more easily for walking. Reiki helped her rest more easily and enjoy the time she had left with her family.

Goldie's story

Goldie the goat had a bad leg wound from an attack by a dog. She was under vet care but was having a difficult time with dressing changes and appetite. Regular reiki supported her body in healing, rest and eating and drinking steadily improved.

Honey bear's story

Honey Bear had a skin mass on his chest. The family needed more time to save money to remove the mass. Reiki helped reduce the size of the mass and supported healing after the surgery.

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