Troy, 51 yo - Reiki session

I want to take a moment and share a profound experience I had with Reiki energy work.  I had my first and only Reiki session with Juliein February 2019 and it was an amazing experience. I suffer from severe osteo-arthritis in my left hip, knee, and lower back.  I also have cervical spondylosis (osteo-arthritis in the neck). The arthritis causes stiffness and pain throughout my body, especially in cold and wet weather.  Julie and I were in Reno, Nevada in February and it was cold!  Needless to say, my body was going through it.  I was in extreme discomfort with walking and going up and down the stairs.  Julie noticed my discomfort and offered a Reiki session to see if it would help.  I practice meditation and mindfulness daily and receive massage therapy at least once monthly.  I’m also a Kung Fu and Tai Chi practitioner.  I am very in tune with my body and notice even the subtlest changes, whether with energy, diet, hydration or other.
I must say there was a definite change for the positive in my energy and well being after receiving a Reiki session from Julie.

There was a small amount of background noise due to our social setting, but ultimately it was not a problem.  Our session was nice and cozy as we were in front of a large, warm fireplace.  I had a light blanket on me for extra warmth and comfort.  Our session began and I eventually was able to overcome the background noise and settle in and be present.  Julie’s calming hands and gentle presence definitely helped me settle in.  It’s interesting because during the session I felt like Julie was lingering at my head and neck area longer than she typically does.  We discussed it afterwards and she said she felt an energetic need to stay in those areas longer.  The same thing with my hip and knee. The funny thing is that Julie didn’t know about my neck and knee arthritis until several days later.

I settled into an amazing, meditative state.  I could no longer ‘feel’ Julie’s physical presence.  It was as if she was one with me, energetically.  Even more so when she got to my left hip area.  I could feel my body opening up and releasing.  I likened the feeling to synapses opening/expanding or meridian lines clearing up.  That’s how I felt, and it felt amazing.  Not to mention the fact that I had and even more personal, energetic experience later that night in my room, which I attribute to the Reiki session I received from Julie.  Not only did her session provide me temporary physical relief at the time, it also has encouraged me to focus on and pursue other areas of my life and to give much more respect to my energy and how I’m using it.
Thanks, so much Julie!