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Different is a funny thing...

Honoring what I was called to do in this life was not a call to conformity or fitting in. It was first and foremost a call from my soul to my heart to wake up and then to my mind to re-train how I saw myself and others. I also have learned that this personal work is a journey throughout life. It's not a project or a book or a's many of them! It has taken me awhile to accept that and to consider how life could actually become an adventure in being rather than doing.

When I struggled most with feeling different and the comments and criticisms of others as I kept finding and helping animals, a supervisor offered, "Different is a funny thing, it makes people wonder if they're normal." I wonder if he will ever understand the door he opened for me then...the door to my oasis that I opened many more times I learned how to endure the judgments and opinions of others and myself while I discovered what I have come to know as my life's calling...healing connection with each other (animal, human, nature).

I'm starting this blog today as I take another step. Community...well, I shunned it for awhile mostly based on a number of tough experiences with people. This blog is one small step to actively reach out, to create and support community. I hope that sharing some of my experiences with animals, nature, other people and myself will support my own growth and self-awareness and encourage others to explore connection or relationship with self (self-awareness) and others be they animals, people or nature. We are guardians for each other so the question is not whether we are connected but how are we connected and how we heal and grow that connection with each other.

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