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“Walk With Me” hosts retreats at WAG Healing's animal sanctuary. WAG Healing is located on 3.14 acres in the Dehesa Valley. Whether you want to get away or to spend time with animals or you're just looking to create a new perspective on your life, you'll find a place to rest, renew and rebuild your life at our mindful retreat with animals.

The uniqueness of our retreat is that it is built on the bond with animals.

We partnered with a unique space for animals so that people and animals could work together toward healing and transformation.

All animals at WAG Healing are rescued and Julie has worked with holistic techniques to assist them in recovering, enabling them to be adopted or live out their lives at the sanctuary. This is exactly why they make good retreat partners to renew your life.


You will come away from this program with a new perspective on your experiences and a renewed sense of compassion for yourself and others. 

Find yourself by partnering with an animal

Before your visit, Julie will do some energetic work to identify your animal partners. 

It can be a dog, cat, duck, goat or pig depending on your goal and the animal that can help you the most.

On a 1-day retreat, you'll be able to

  • Yoga and meditate

  • Interact and bond with your partner during several activities

  • Do a writting exercice to deepen your thoughts and let go of toxic feelings

  • Experience healing modalities amoung Julie's expertise: Reiki, Pranic healing, Sound Code etc.

  • Brief and debrief with Julie to process your emotions and journey

On a 2-days retreat

  • the next day will be set up at the end of the 1st day to adapt to where you're at and be the closest to what you are experiencing

Do you already know what you want to work on ?

Are you familiar with Alternatives Healing Therapies ?

We can set-up themed retreats based on particular issues or based on 1 or 2 modalities - Reiki, propioceptive writting, yoga, meditation etc.

Infos & rates

The retreat will take place from 10AM until 4PM

Vegetarian lunch is provided on a 1-day retreat. Room/ board is included for a 2-day retreat

Retreats can accommodate 1 or 2 persons at a time. Contact Julie for small group options.

1-day retreat: $150      

2-days retreat: $350     

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