About Julie

Julie Ann Hendrickson RN

Registered Nurse for over 30 years

Certified in a variety of self-healing practices

For over 20 years, Julie worked as a military nurse. When she left the Navy, she continued part-time as a nurse while searching for self-healing practices that would support her - body, mind and spirit - awhile transitioning from the Navy and help her process deployment and other challenging experiences.

On her journey of self-discovery, she encountered an opportunity to help people in another way using these practices. She is certified as either student or teacher in these practices since 2014. She continues to explore other practices as she feels led. 

Julie has rescued and rehabilitated over 100 animals-mostly dogs and cats. She hosts WAG Healing, a non-profit animal sanctuary that is home to almost 25 animals-dogs, cats, ducks, pigs, goats. She also uses holistic therapeutic practices with the animals in support of their recovery and the possibility of adoption.

Today, Julie is dedicated both to self-healing and personal growth and assisting others in doing the same. She is committed to exploring and practicing healthy relationship to self as well as others (people, animals and nature) toward compassionate community.

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