Healing Modalities

Contact Julie and book a 15' free phone consultation if you need more information and want to discuss before booking an appointment.
Jikiden Reiki

Hands-on or at a distance, lying down or sitting, the practitioner serves as a vessel of universal life force energy to the recipient which is neutral and healing.
The benefits are relaxation and healing of the body, mind and spirit.
This therapy helps anyone who is feeling stressed or overworked, anyone who suffers from chronic illness or pain and anyone who is preparing and/or recovering from surgery. 

$100 for 60' - - - - - 10% off for 3 sessions - 15% off for 5 sessions

New client special offer  ---  $79

Are you new to Alternatives Therapies ?

Do you want to know which therapies can help you the most ?


Book a 60' new client session.

You will discuss your goal with Julie and she will help you identify the best modalities for you. 

You will try different modalities, select the ones that resonate with you and build a plan together with Julie.

Akashic Coaching

It aims at accessing information from the soul record in support of the person’s healing and growth through conversation in-person, via on-line meeting or phone.
This therapy allows the person’s connection to self to deepen and strengthen.
This therapy can help anyone feeling confused or overwhelmed about their life or a particular situation in their life.

$75 for 60' - - - - - $200 for 3 sessions of 60' or 6 sessions of 30'

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is an ancient art of healing that uses life-force or 'prana' to correct energy imbalances in the body's energy field. The system treats the body and energyas a single entity and heals the body by restoring life-force and facilitating smooth energy flow around the body. 

This therapy can help anyone who is experiencing stress, pain or injury.

This therapy is close to Reiki but differ in the way that it is hands-off so the technique is quite different.

$100 for a session (45' to 60')

Theta Healing

We work to identify and release the beliefs that are limiting your growth and development. Like our words, beliefs carry energy and are stored in our subconscious. It is difficult to overcome what is in the subconscious unless we make the effort to look at ourselves and question. Sessions are by one-on-one interview, muscle-testing, in person
The benefits are increased self-awareness and released of limiting beliefs
This therapy helps adults who are feeling stuck or like there is a barrier to creating change in their lives

$60 for 60' - - - - - $250 for 5 sessions

Sound Code Therapy

It is a human toning of ancient codes to awaken the body’s innate capacity to heal and support the overall body-mind-spirit connection
The sound code therapist tones the codes while focusing intention on different parts of the body
This therapy is offered for the alignment and support of the spine as well as the rest of the physical and energy bodies. This work is usually offered once in a lifetime or again after traumatic injury. 

$100 for a session (45' to 60')



Laura's testimonial is a perfect example of how Julie can guide you through the healing modalities.
For more detailed testimonials, go to the dedicated section.

After a tragic loss, i was feeling down and vulnerable. Traditional therapies helped me understand my illness and put words on it but I was looking to experience and feel my grief to let it go.

Julie oriented me to some therapies and we agreed on several sessions.

Reiki helped me to feel my grief and process it and propioceptive writing gave me a precious tool to remain connected to myself.

Since my time with Julie, i experienced a lot of difficult times but know how to process them instead of hiding my feelings and to listen to my body's messages.

Thanks a lot Julie !

Laura - 31 yo

Kundalini Yoga

Also known as Raja yoga, it includes meditation, breathwork and exercises. It stimulates, aligns and balances mind, body and spirit
The benefits are self-awareness, self-empowerment and ego adjustment 
This form of yoga helps anyone who is seeking to connect more deeply to themselves and an inner knowing; anyone looking for a daily personal practice that supports body, mind and spirit

One on one or For small groups. Contact Julie for more information

Propioceptive Writting
It is a form of meditative writing through structured timed writes where we deepen our awareness of our thoughts.
It increases self-awareness, promotes processing and integration of life experiences, helps clear writer’s block and deepens self-empowerment.
This therapy is for writers, anyone who has ever wanted to write and anyone who is seeking to deepen their self-awareness
$30 for introductory on-line or phone session & $150 for 6 weekly sessions

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