Self-Healing Practices

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Jikiden Reiki

Hands-on or at a distance, lying down or sitting, the practitioner serves as a vessel of universal life force energy to the recipient which is neutral and healing.
The benefits are relaxation and healing of the body, mind and spirit.
Reiki helps anyone who is feeling stressed or overworked, anyone who suffers from chronic illness or pain and anyone who is preparing and/or recovering from surgery. 

$100 for 60 minutes


Reiki Hypnosis

Hands-on or at a distance, lying down or sitting, a light hypnosis helps support how your mind and body receive the reiki. Though this modality is supportive for all, it may especially help anyone who is experiencing particular challenges, perceived blocks or habits they are wanting to change. 

$100 for 60 minutes

Akashic Coaching

It aims at accessing information from the soul record in support of the person’s healing and growth through conversation in-person, via on-line meeting or phone.
This session allows the person’s connection to self to deepen and strengthen.
This modality can help anyone feeling confused or overwhelmed about their life or a particular situation in their life.

starting $100 for 60 minutes

New client special offer  ---  $79

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Laura's testimonial is a perfect example of how Julie can guide you through the healing modalities.
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After a tragic loss, i was feeling down and vulnerable. Traditional therapies helped me understand my illness and put words on it but I was looking to experience and feel my grief to let it go.

Julie oriented me to some therapies and we agreed on several sessions.

Reiki helped me to feel my grief and process it and propioceptive writing gave me a precious tool to remain connected to myself.

Since my time with Julie, i experienced a lot of difficult times but know how to process them instead of hiding my feelings and to listen to my body's messages.

Thanks a lot Julie !

Laura - 31 yo